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Public Projects

Issaquah Well 4

Installation of ductile iron water main, valves, injection vault and concrete pad;  Set and install treatment skid with two 20,000 gallon treatement vessels.

City of Issaquah

SW 156th St Sewer Repair

Remove and replace 8" concrete failed sewer, replace with new 8" PVC sewer, including Romac couplings, gavel backfill, compaction and asphalt restoration.

Burien, WA

2014 Misc Drainage Improvements

Install 12" HDPE storm pipe, catch basin, erosion control and pipe anchors over steep slope. 

Remove and replace 24" ADS storm line with new 24" PVC pipe and connect to existing Catch Basins.

City of Sammamish

Fernwood Estate Drainage

Excavate existing retention pond, install 60" Flow Control Structures, 24" PVC pipe; Install Catch Basins and 12" PVC and 12" Ductile Iron Storm Pipe in Roadway; Install Compost and Hydroseed Pond; New Concrete Sidewalk and Asphalt Restoration.

City of Maple Valley

York Pump Station Reclaimed Water FillStation

Installation of above ground ductile iron pipe, fittings, valves and fill station.  Excavation for sewer and installation of truck bay concrete pad.

King County Wastewater

2019 Water Main Replacement

Installation of 8" ductile iron water main, including hydrant assembly, wet tap connection to existing 10" water main, connection to 4" water main, and water services.

Issaquah, WA

Emerald Street Stormwater Bioretention & Bioswales

Installation of 12" CPEP storm pipe, catch basins, 12" ductile iron storm pipe, excavation of bioretention facilities, form and pour concrete weir walls, placement of bioretention soils, planting & mulching, excavation of bioswales, hydroseeding, asphalt restoration.

City of Milton

NE 42nd St Storm Drainage

Excavate and remove existing 12" Concrete storm and install new 24" PVC strom drainage, elbows and catch basins.  Soldier pile wall, custom milled caps and lake outfall restoration.

Town of Yarrow Point

Sunny Terrace School Facility Demoltion

Demolition of eight building school facility (approx 40,000 sq ft):  Abatement, demoltion, foundation removal, tree removal, utlity capping, site work and grading.

City of Burien

SW 130th St Emergency Sewer Repair

Excavate, remove existing 6" Concrete Side Sewer connection to 8" Concrete Sewer Main, replace with SDR 35 PVC, Gasketed Fittings and ROMAC Couplers. 

SW Suburban Sewer Dist

2015 Storm Drainage Improvements

Excavate six retention ponds, install clay liner, top soil, improve berms and spillways.  Install new 54" and 60" catch basins with flow control structures, storm pipe and improve outfall dispersion.

City of Maple Valley

Parkwood Apartments Picnic Shelter

Demoltion of existing pool and pool deck, site grading/prep, install new 2,500 sq ft concrete patio area and construct new picnic shelter.

King County Housing Auth