Iron Creek Construction LLC
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Private Projects

Microsoft Corporation

Provide excavation, concrete/asphalt cutting, concrete core drilling, backfill, asphalt replacement, concrete sidewalk replacement and landscape restoration for electrical conduit installation.

Redmond, WA

Falls Little League

Re-grading, placing and grading new infield topping mix.  Compact and drag field

Fall City, WA

2nd Street Cottages

Provide mass excavation and grading for 20'x80' Retention Vault system, backfill and compaction.  Excavation of foundations, footings and backfill for home construction.

North Bend, WA

Belvedere HOA Retention Pond

Storm water retention pond retrofit and improvements: Excavate existing non-functioning pond, install poly liner, quarry spall filtration system, backfill and hydroseed.

Bellevue, WA

2nd Street Cottages

Excavate, grade, install geo fabric, place and compact gravel for home footings/foundation walls.

North Bend, WA

Bella Terra Montessori Playground

Design and install playground utilizing construction materials.

Fall City, WA

Squak Mountain Tower Demolition

Demolition and removal of 60' Time Warner Radio Tower (primarily by hand due to access and limited work space), concrete footings and adjacent CMU Building.

Issaquah, WA

SE 66th St Demo

Demolition and removal of existing two story home, detached garage and concrete foundations

Newcastle, WA

The Pass Life Driveway Improvements

Excavate and extend existing storm drainage pipe, backfill and compact open drainage ditch; install hot mix asphalt extending driveway.

Snoqualmie Pass, WA